1 Iftar and 1 Suhoor for 50 hafiz students is SGD 150.

1 Iftar and 1 Suhoor for 100 hafiz students is SGD 250.


Your zakat contributions will be disbursed to these 8 Asnaf (Beneficiaries), in accordance with Syariah:

1. Fakir                                    5. Amil
2. Miskin                                 6. Gharimin
3. Fisabilillah                          7. Muallaf
4. Riqab                                   8. Ibnussabil


We have connections with the madrasahs accommodating 5,000 students in total with an average 100 students per madrasahs. They have SGD 1000 monthly provision expense.

We provide food aid to these madrasahs during the year. You can be sponsor for the essential needs of these madrasahs like rice, oil, flour, milk and noodle which is SGD 50 per box.