About us

Sedekahsingapore is an online platform whose scope of activities is majorly on the islamic services and on the muslim youth development programs in SEA region. As being part of a very active international muslim fraternity organization network, we also conduct charity based humanitarian services in Asia / SEA region, concerning and promoting to help needy muslims in local society to improve wellfare, provide islamic education, giving opportunity for advance studies in overseas, locally constructed society served premises like islamic education madrasahs, masjids for muslim prayers, water wells in remote areas for common public use and water fountains for community, as well as conducting public festivals for circumcision service for muslim boys.

To achieve these humanitarian services, we act as bridge between the helping hands from local Singapore public and the team of volunteers who conduct the services in respective areas. We believe every one can have a share in these charity works regardless of the amount they could contribute, hence we would like to present this charity opportunity to any members of the public.

Besides providing physical amenities in needy areas, one of our core target is also uplifting the education level of muslims. Since we are very active education focused establishment, at the heart of our core programs, as well as conducting education curriculums to improve knowledge and islamic attitudes to muslim youth.

For this purpose, in the charity service of our madrasah building programs, we particularly take care of establishing the team of well educated teachers and instructors who are mostly trained on both, advanved islamic knowledge topics and non-religious sciences, mostly possessing bachelor’s degree. Therefore, our strive is to make sure the physical establisment of madrasahs is also complete with very well organized teachers and management team.

Please feel free to contact us for any queries you might have, to know us better, to have a share in our charity work.

May Allah (s.w.t.) accepts your contributions and rewards you, your family, loved ones.

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