Our Activities

Water for Life 

We build both “Water Fountain” for needy masjids where no wudu (ablusion) place exists, or “Water Well” to provide drinking water.

Build a Madrasah

We have been building madrasah and assign dedicated teachers (ustazs) to institutionalize the entire setup as complete establishment.

Build a Masjid

We have been building masjids in needy areas where muslim community can find a praying place and attend islamic rituals.

Solar Energy

Electricity is an essential: We set up solar panel for basic lighting in remote areas where no electricity is available.

Hafiz Sponsorship

Our tahfiz program takes two years for a student to complete the relevant education and entitled with hafiz status.

Qurban / Aqiqah

Through our international network, we provide Qurban service in Eid-ul Adha period, as well as Aqiqah service as 365 days availability.

Circumcision ( Sunat Masal) 

We organize circumcision service for muslim boys as once around two hundred applications are gathered, we conduct the circumcision activity as single or few days festival.

Food Aid

Food aid is provided to madrasah students where they stay and carry on islamic education in dormitories in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand & Cambodia.

Ramadan Services

During Ramadan we provide both “Food Pack” (Sembako) for public and “Iftar / Suhoor” sedekah for the hafiz students staying in madrasahs. 

We are specialized in

  • Islamic Education of Muslim Youth
  • Building facilities for Muslim Community in need
  • Raising Muslim Educators to serve local muslim society
  • Improving Life of Muslim Community in need
  • Providing Food / Aid for muslims in poverty
  • Providing more joyful Ramadan for Muslim Community in need.

What is Sedekah Jariyah ?

It is the only never ending (perpetual) reward gain (thawab) charity with zero risk investment that ever exists.
As long as your sedekah is utilized or served for good. Helping to build a masjid to serve muslim community is a Sedekah Jariyah, as long as it is used. Helping to build a water well for community is a Sedekah Jariyah, as long as it is utilized. Helping a muslim child to gain good manners and get illuminated with good knowledge is a Sedekah Jariyah, as long as he/she lives and acts in accordance. Sole requirement is, do it only for seeking Allah’s (s.w.t.) pleasure in it.

How can I get my share in Sedekah Jariyah ?
Act today. Listen to your heart, choose your sedekah type you would like to help.

Ongoing Projects

Build a Madrasah

Our ongoing madrasa construction in Serang-Indonesia, is seeking help for sedekah. Project amount is
SGD 100,000. Contribute any amount of your choice.

Build a Masjid

In Bangladesh, we started gathering community help for masjid construction to serve local muslims. Project amount is SGD 50,000. Contribute any amount of your choice.

Hafiz Sponsorship

New hafiz students are joining in existing madrasahs, hence helping hands are needed. Can be monthly (SGD 100), or any other amount of your choice.

Circumcision (Sunat Masal) 

With SGD 50 for each muslim boy, it is possible to help him get circumcised. Once the sedekah amount meet 200 kids threshold, we organize the public festival asap. 


Water for Life

In poverty and limited supplies in Bangladesh, a clean water well is at top priority. A Water Well with eight taps can be built for SGD 3,000. Contribute any amount of your choice.




Fountain of Wudu (Ablusion)

In remote locations of Bangladesh, to find water for wudu is tragedically limited. A fountain system with multiple taps can be built for SGD 3,500. Contribute any amount of your choice.

Solar Energy for Lighting

Countless of house units in Bangladesh are without electricity, rely on candles for lighting. For SGD 75, each family can get solar powered  lighting. Once the sedekah meet 100 family threshold, we organize the team to install solar panels asap.



What We Do?

  • Sponsoring Hafiz Students
  • Building Madrasahs
  • Building Masjids
  • Providing Clean Water
  • Sedeqah
  • Zakat
  • Waqaf
  • Lillah
  • Ramadan
  • Zakat ul Fitr

Contact Us

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